How to Choose Your Favorite Tea Set?

Nov. 10, 2021

Drinking tea is something that needs to be paired with a beautiful tea set. The color, style and shape of each piece of teaware is important to the overall look of the tea set.

Of course, everyone's idea of beauty is different. With so many different tea sets, what is it that makes each one so pleasing to the eye? How can you choose the one that you would most enjoy having and using in your home?

tea set


Consider the shape you prefer.

The shape of the teapot itself, as well as the shape of the cups, milk jugs and sugar bowls, vary greatly from set to set. Some are round and simple, while others may be classic and stately. Look at the body first, followed by the spout and handle.


Unique Styles

Each set has its own unique style; whimsical, classic, vintage, traditional, etc. Style is probably one of the most obvious aspects of a tea set, but it is important to ask yourself what style suits you and what style suits the kind of hospitality you want to share at a tea party.


Texture is another feature to consider.

In traditional tea sets, each piece of teaware has a ribbed texture. This makes the tea set very tactile and inviting to use.

There are even embossed lace patterns on each tea set, and these beautiful patterns are very popular.


Color Schemes

We all have some color scheme that appeals to us. Sometimes the color scheme reminds us of a certain time period, such as the vintage style of a gold tea set or the Art Deco style in a spring tea set. Or we like a color scheme that coordinates with the overall house decor. What patterns do you like in tea sets? Many tea sets have floral patterns, such as roses or marshmallows, or even forget-me-nots. Some tea sets have more of a geometric pattern or birds or butterflies. All of these contribute to the overall statement of the tea set.


Consider the materials you wish to make the tea set out of.

Tea sets can be made from a variety of materials. Fine bone china has bone (cow) inside and is translucent in appearance. If you hold it up to the light, you should be able to see your hand behind it. It is considered to be of the highest quality and is handled with great care, even though it is actually one of the strongest products. Porcelain is a very typical tea set and a very durable material, but obviously not fine enough. Pottery is a slightly heavier product that is more suitable for everyday use. Each is suitable for a tea set and the choice is simply a matter of taste.


For most people, the tea set they initially fall in love with is the tea set they end up acquiring and enjoying for years to come.


Our tea sets are perfect for top restaurants and for any memorable event such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and more. Please feel free to contact us for any of your needs.

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